The Empowerment Forge

The Empowerment Forge is a tool for those looking to squeeze the most out of their day, in both the physical and  psychological sense, whilst living to be the person they want to be. 


The Empowerment Forge started out as a project to help with daily planning and organisation, but as it's evolved,  it's been tweaked to accommodate much much more.


Dig deep and look within yourself. Identify what is important in your life and organise your days around this. Set yourself goals, and have the courage and accountability to hold yourself to them, and make changes in order to execute them.  

If you're looking for an A5 sized, 180 page diary that offers you the ability to plan and organise your day, promote goal setting and self-reflection, then this is the tool for you!!


Set for sale in-clinic and soon to be online! Accountability Phone Call packages are also available to further enforce keeping you accountable and on track!