Running Tribe

Running is great! What better way to get your whole body moving, facilitating increases in oxygenated blood to flow through your body, circulating endorphins and other happy hormones.. (well maybe not until right at the end of your run for that last one), but how good is running! Also good for your mental strength and stamina, as many runners will know! 

Running is a big part of life for many people. It's not just a physical exercise, but can also be a social activity, a stress release, an energy kick-start in the morning, as well as a general test of mental and physical strength, resilience, goal setting and goal smashing! 

So it can be pretty rough when a health professional says you need to stop! Well not here! We're here to help you do as much as you can to stay at the level you're at! Depending on the circumstances, of course, we don't want you to run on a broken foot or fractured leg! 

To help you keep going and keep on top of those little niggles, we offer a range of services specifically for runners, including our training load planner and running assessment! 

Training Load Planner

The Training Load Planner is designed to help you minimise the risk of potential overload injuries! How? By putting in your sessions (both run and gym) over the week, you can see your weekly running distances and times! By allowing you to then compare to the amount of running you did the week before, this can help you to monitor and progress your distance and speed more effectively for the week after!  

Download your copy today!

Running Assessment

The running assessment is here so you can feel confident with your running technique, and get an understanding of your overall capacity to manage loads and running progressions. What you get: 

  • 90 minute consult

  • Discussion regarding previous and/or current injuries, current running goals, current training loads

  • Video recording of running style 

  • Analysis of running style

  • Exercises based on results of analysis 

  • Training load planning for the next event/ goal

For those who are time poor, we are now offering AN ONLINE RUNNING ASSESSMENT! 

You will get all the same benefits from the in person running assessment, we only ask that you have a recent pre-recorded video of you running, with views from both the side and from behind. Please email or call Steve to learn more!


We love getting out and about in our community, which is why when we the opportunity arose to partner up with a running group, we jumped at it! 

GoodRunnings is an amazing running group to be apart of, with people at all levels of running participating in frequent events, as well as helping out in the community by Plogging!


Plogging is an amazing initiative, where we get together for about 30-45 minutes and pick up rubbish whilst out for our walk/ run! It's good for us, and good for the environment!


If you're looking or a running group to join, then I'd strongly recommend Dawn and our friends at GoodRunnings! If you do, you will also have access to information nights that we run exclusively to GoodRunnings participants, and you might see Steve at some of their running events offering discounted treatments!