Iron Strengthens Iron

To fulfil your ultimate goals and ambitions, whether that be in health or in any other aspect of your life, you need to surround yourself with those with the same level of drive and dedication! 

In our industry, it's no different! We need to know that if we're treating someone for any injury, they're receiving the same level of care from their gym instructors, and have access to the best equipment in the business!


So it's no secret that we love Sean and all the coaches from PEAQ Conditioning! They provide their clients with the utmost care and attention to programming that anyone could ask for! 

Since Mind in Movement Physiotherapy started working in the rooms of the PEAQ Performance Centre, it's been a great marriage of the two health professions!


We don't pretend to know it all when it comes to strength and conditioning, so it's great to be able to refer and rely on the Coaches of PEAQ to get the clients to where they need to be!

If you're looking for a change in your gym programming, or prefer group classes, or maybe want a 24 hour gym with a basketball court and culture that facilitates personal growth and pushing yourself to within your own limits (no intimidating members that you're trying to compete with), then the PEAQ Performance Centre is for you!  

Lifting Assessment

To help you feel comfortable, confident and strong whilst you're in the gym, we offer lifting assessments and movement screens, followed up with video analysis for all types of lifts and movements. We have a passion to keep you moving as much as possible, so by understanding your situation and analysing how your body moves during certain lifts, we can offer solutions like technique modifications, movement and exercise alternatives, assistance with training load management and training splits to help with symptom management and improved movement efficiency.