Our Philosophy

Mind in Movement Physiotherapy is committed to providing you with the best level of service and health care to empower you to keep doing what you love. 

We understand that exercise isn't just about exercising. It's also linked to the social aspects of group fitness, the stress release after a tough day, the  energy kick from those early morning sessions, plus all the other physiological benefits we don't get to see - such as improved improved blood pressure, reduction in body fat percentage, improved joint and muscle health to name a few! 

So why is our emphasis on active treatment and education? After naming all of these positive aspects of being active, an injury can be seen as a real setback! We know that previously healthcare has advised people rest, and take time away from their given sport or activity to let things heal. At Mind in Movement Physiotherapy, we like to challenge this notion!


We know if you have a good understanding of your diagnosis and thereby understand your symptoms, you'll feel less threatened by them and feel in control of your treatment! By performing exercises in an appropriate dose and frequency, the positive effects will amaze you and help you realise that movement is medicine! Not only that, but Mind in Movement Physiotherapy has a huge emphasis on a positive mindset, looking at how you're feeling and where you're at, and flipping the script so you know you're on the right path and leave feeling more confident and empowered!


We try to keep you doing what you love, so would rather modify an exercise than remove it! Why? Because we know how much it can mean to you, physically and mentally!

So give us a call to book your session today!