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At Mind in Movement Physiotherapy, we believe understanding your symptoms and your diagnosis is imperative for your long term health and well being. As a result of this, we really emphasise the importance of educating our clients on how to continue to move through an injury, whether that be through activity modification, a better understanding of the context of your life, or both. 

As we understand that your symptoms are yours, and no one elses, we don't believe in a 'one size fits all' approach, and therefore are very passionate about prescribing movements and treatments based on what YOU present with. This is WHY we don't have videos for "How to get rid of your patella tendinopathies" that are generic and unspecific to YOUR situation. 

Instead, we have decided to put together a collection of videos that uncover the core of any musculoskeletal presentation, how we interpret pain! These are applicable in all circumstances, and will allow you to reflect on your own symptoms when injured and hopefully educate you on some of the things you can do and control. 

We have also put together some videos regarding technique modification; how you can change your technique to alter loads in certain spots which may be sore or sensitive. So dive deep, let yourself be curious, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in contact!


What is pain? How does pain correlate to what we feel and do? 

What other aspects of our life can influence our symptoms? 

If you have these questions, and more, you're more than likely to love our FREE videos about pain! 

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Maybe you prefer an understanding of biomechanics - including loading principles and changes in technique to change muscle function?

If so, you're going to LOVE our FREE videos on technique modifications and biomechanics!

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Enjoy reading info graphics? Or like having something you can download and print off, so you can read, and re-read and regularly refer back to? 

We got your back, pal! Deep dive into the understanding of pain, how you can change your pain without changing your pathology, and your own checklist to keep you in control of your symptoms.


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Understand the journey behind regular flare ups of the same injury, and learn how to avoid these long term!

Learn the basics surrounding our pain experience. By understanding the basics, you can move forward feeling more comfortable about your situation. 

Understanding why we get overload injuries is important. If we don't address it with proper management then we are at risk of constantly get these recurring injuries. Click the button below to find out more!

Further understand the combination of factors that can influence the intensity of your symptoms using the Bio-Psycho-Social Model. 

Injured? Use our Symptom Modification Checklist to find what areas of your life have changed, and how you can gain control of your rehab.  

Stopping training due to injury can quite often lead to more problems than just physical. 

Understanding what reduces our symptoms is critical for management of symptoms. Find out why.