Our Core Values

Why are Core Values important? They help keep us striving forward, to better ourselves, but more importantly bettering our service to you! Funnily enough, our Core Values are also applicable to you!


So.. what are they!? 

To Empower

Feeling vulnerable and not in control of your life are some key negative mindsets people will often go through (especially when injured)! It is our mission at Mind in Movement Physiotherapy to help you see the positives in an otherwise negative situation, and give you the tools to give you back control of your body, and get you back to what you love doing! 

To Strengthen

Most will assume this refers to strengthening the body part that may be injured. Whilst this is a part of treatment, it is not the only thing we're strengthening! Whilst we're reinforcing your body's tissues, we're also strengthening your positive mindset, your body awareness, your mental resilience! All of these areas of strength leave you feeling more confident in your body, and further enhance that sense of control and empowerment!  

To Encourage

A positive mindset is key to any part of your life. Surrounding yourself with positive and encouraging people will only enhance this, and make your experience all the stronger and better! We can't control everything, but we can control how we respond to any situation! Got injured? Ok, time to get stronger (both mentally and physically) so next time you won't! There's a silver lining in everything, sometimes we just need some encouragement and external perspective to see it!

To Move Forward

All of the above is directed towards one thing- always moving forward! Whether that's in a sporting setting, or when recovering from an injury, or just in general, as humans we're designed to want to strive to better ourselves! We understand that set backs happen, we may feel as though we go backwards sometimes. What's important is knowing who is in your corner, and who can get you back on track and then even further! 

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