To Empower. To Strengthen. To Encourage. To Move Forward.



What do we offer?

With an emphasis on active management, we help you to take control of your rehab. Through movement, understanding, and many other treatment options, Mind in Movement Physiotherapy puts you in the centre of your treatment to give you back control. We will make sure you leave your consult with a clear understanding of your situation, how to move forward, and supplying you with the tools to get you there.
Whether you're an elite athlete or a weekend warrior. Maybe you've just had surgery and need rehab, or you have a sedentary job with lots of aches and pains.
We treat all who come through our doors. As long as you're ready to make a change, then we're here and ready to help you.



Whether you're an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or just have a very active lifestyle, Mind In Movement Physiotherapy is ready for all your needs.


General Physio

Just because they're general aches and pains, doesn't mean you need to put up with them. Find out how we can offer long term solutions for your short term problems.


Post-Op Rehab

Whether you've just had major or minor surgery, we have experience dealing with all forms of post-surgical rehabilitation.


Opening Hours

Monday: 1.00pm - 6.30pm

Tuesday: 7.30am - 2.00pm

Wednesday: 7.30am - 3.00pm

Thursday: 1.00pm - 7.30 pm

Friday: 12.00pm - 6.00pm 

Saturday: 9.00am - 12.00pm

Sunday: Closed


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